January 21, 2022

Arjun Khanna Indian Fashion Designer


Information about Indian Fashion Designers - Arjun Khanna


Information about Fashion Designers of India - Arjun Khanna

Graduating from the American College of fashion in London, art had always been Arjun Khanna`s first love – the only subject he excelled in since childhood. Then followed a course at the Blackheath College of Art in London and a photographic course from Pillia`s school of photography. Arjun`s Khanna`s return to India in 1989 evoked a major change in his approach to fashion. He started off with men`s wear. His first collection was aimed at a limited audience – men`s western wear featuring the Oxford look followed by the Dick Tracy line of 30s and 40s. A true artist, not restricted by limits or boundaries, Arjun Khanna is a passionate perfectionist. This would describe both the designer and his label perfectly! Experiments with trends have always interested him. His silhouettes vary without prior warning. The garment appeal is not restricted to its outer appearance only. The lining of the garment plays a major role so do the seams hems fusing and the internal mechanisms.

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Fashion Designers of India - Arjun Khanna

Information about Fashion Designers of India - Arjun Khanna

He participated in LlFW 2003, where he presented his entire men`s wear collection. Thereafter, he was chosen as one of the Designers` to present the Lakme Grand Final collection entitled `Treasures`, which was held in October 2003. This also involved working closely with Lakme on creating and endorsing a range of their products; which were then retailed under the Arjun Khanna label. He has been extensively involved in designing, styling and executing the `Raymond Suiting Campaign`.

Information about Fashion Designers of India - Arjun Khanna

Starting with a mens line at `Ensemble` Arjun has spread his collection to Vama in Mumbai and Santoshti in Delhi. He has designed for Padamsee`s production `Begam Sumroo` and styled for the winners of the `Graviera contest. Garments with clean styling and cut, embroidery used judiciously and a good finish make an Arjun ensemble. Arjun`s` clientele includes Shekhar Kapoor, who wore an `Arjun Khanna` creation for the Oscars and Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro, who is habitually outfitted by him. Arjun Khanna believes that clothes are an extension of one`s expression.

Information about Fashion Designers of India - Arjun Khanna