January 19, 2021

Lina Tipnis Indian Fashion Designer

Lina Tipnis belongs to that band of designers that has steadily climbed the ladder of success with hard work and a disciplined business sense. Lina began her career by designing in 1987 for her retail outlet at the Oberoi, Mumbai. She is candid about her lack of professional training when she says,” I have had no formal training in designing. I am fortunate to have an inborn desire to create garments”. In 1997, Lina was invited to showcase her collection at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious garment fair- CPD (Collection Premieren Dusseldorf) hosted by the IGEDO Company. Her collection received an overwhelming response. Her brand “LINARIKA” has achieved immense success in the fashion industry.

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Fashion Designers of India - Famous Indian Fashion Designers - Lina Tipnis (center)

Information about Lina Tipnis

Information about Lina Tipnis

With the philosophy of ‘less is more’, her garments are essentially minimalistic ensembles that are modern and simple. Emphasis has always been on engineering and wearability. Working on natural fibres has been Lina’s forte. The reason for her success is her capability of having her finger on the pulse of consumer’s needs and her ability to compromise with the ever-fluctuating trends of the highly volatile fashion industry. Lina has stabilised in the fashion business by moving into both genres of styling. That is her formula for success besides her marketing and promotional skills.

Lina is also a consultant to the Raymond group for setting up of their designer stores selling Prêt. Over the years, Lina has noticed that customers have no loyalty for stores but there is a gradual evidence of designer loyalty building up. Hence, prices have to be constant across stores. Also, she is very keen to work in collaboration with other designers to nurture the fashion business and give it industry status. “The market is very large and there’s room for everyone. Designers must first work towards increasing fashion consciousness collectively and then create brand loyalties.

Information about Fashion Designers of India - Famous Indian Fashion Designers - Lina Tipnis

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