January 20, 2020



This Company, launched on July 28th 2006 as flightraja.com and incorporated in May 2007, Via has silently revolutionized the Indian Travel Industry. Today, Via is present through 20000 partners across 2000 towns and cities, so that Customer can find services right in the neighbourhood. Company partner network sells Via’s innovative and value-for-money travel products and services every day to their customers. In just 5 years of operation, Via has an annual sales revenue of close to 500 million USD. Via has more than 350 extremely bright, dedicated and honest people working in Company Bangalore headquarters, as well as local sales executives in all major cities.

 Information and News about Travel Sites of India - Via.com
Travel Sites - Via.com

Information and News About Travel Sites of India - Via.com

Via started in a small garage on 9th A Main Road, 2nd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore in early 2006 when its founders were solving the problem of how to make travel easier for the consumer. They saw a very fragmented travel market in India, primarily driven by cash, which was lacking quality products and services. The idea of selling travel FMCG style was born there. Today Via is the largest thing, of its kind on the Ground. Via feels proud to have made it with the help of the whole team.

Information and News About Travel Sites of India - Via.com