Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Ludhiana


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The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in Ludhiana, Punjab is one of the State Agricultural Universities in India. It was established in 1962 and is the nation’s oldest agricultural university in India. It has an international reputation for excellence in agriculture.

Agriculture Colleges and Universities in India Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana
Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana

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Free Information and News About Education in India

The PAU has played a key role in increasing food grain production in the Punjab State several folds share its reputation and ushering in an era of Green Revolution in India. It has also made notable contributions in increasing livestock and poultry production. In recognition of its outstanding achievements in agricultural research, education and extension, it was adjudged the Best Agricultural University in India in 1995.The Punjab Agricultural University now has four constituent colleges, viz. College of Agriculture, College of Agricultural Engineering, College of Home science and College of Basic Sciences & Humanities.At present the University, through 28 departments in the four constituent colleges, offers 31 Master’s and 30 Ph.D. programmes. The course curricula are constantly revised and restructured to keep pace with the latest developments in agriculture and allied fields.

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Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Ludhiana has the following Missions :

  • Excellence in teaching, research and extension
  • Developing quality manpower
  • Undertaking basic, applied and adaptive research
  • Improving socio-economic conditions of the farming community through cost-effective technologies
  • Developing effective mechanism to transfer knowledge and technology to farmers and agricultural organizations through extension services
  • Seeking appropriate solutions to emerging problems & challenges
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