Indian Law Society’s (ILS) Law College Pune


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The Indian Law Society’s Law College, known as ILS Law College is one of the most prominent Law schools based in Pune India. Set amidst a sprawling green campus in the heart of Pune, it offers students a holistic environment that encourages exposure to social, cultural, and physical activities that complement the top-of-the-class legal education imparted by the college.It was established in 1924 and offers a wide range of courses, primarily the three year old law course and five year degree. It is one of the oldest as well as reputed legal institution in India. ILS is located on Law College Road,Pune.The College has for more than a decade been ranked within the Top Ten Law Colleges of India. ILS recently celebrated its 75th Foundation Day.

Law School in Pune Indian Law Society (ILS) Law College Pune
Indian Law Society (ILS) Law College Pune

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Free Information and News About Education in India

Indian Law Society Law College has been ranked amongst the top ten law colleges in the country by the India-Today survey.It has a model of cultural integration with over 1600 students from across the country and abroad on roll.ILS has faculty comprising of highly qualified and committed scholars.ILS Law College has a library rated among India’s best with over 45,000 books, journals and periodicals.

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The College has a mission statement of “Krinvanto Vishvamaaryam” which translated means, “We will make the whole world ‘Aaryam'”.The word ‘Aaryam’ refers to moral, cultural and spiritual excellence leading to eternal happiness. It shall be the ideal of this Society, for accomplishment of which, its efforts will always be directed towards an all round elevation of the entire population of this vast country. It should be raised to a level of equality on a higher plane ensuring everlasting peace, prosperity and higher mentality. The Society looks forward to a period of time when as a result of advancement of the people in their morals and outlook on life, the distinctions on the ground of birth will disappear by reason of all reaching a higher level of mental and moral excellence. The prayer of the Society will be to raise the nation to that ideal and its efforts will always be directed with that end in view.

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