Mosquito Free Window Cooler Design by NCDC

Mosquito Free Desert Window Cooler Design by NCDC

Mosquito Free Water Cooler Design by NCDC

The NCDC or National Center for Disease Control has designed a new Desert Water Window Cooler which can prevent the Growth of Mosquito breeding. This can prevent Malaria and Dengue like diseases which are spread through Mosquito. In North India Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue are now considered being major public health concerns, the new Water Cooler Design can prevent the spread of Malaria and other diseases. The main principles of the New Designs are so simple that even one can follow them while buying a local fabricated cooler:-

  • Cover the Water Tank with a Sealed Lid
  • Cover the Cooling Pads with a Mosquito Net cloth
  • The New Design does not use any Rocket Science technology but has a simple principle to cover the Water Tank with a additional lid so the Mosquitos cant lay their eggs in the water tank of the Cooler. It is found that every house hold has a source of stagnant water in the water cooler in their house which gives best opportunity to the Malaria and Dengue spreading Mosquito. Covering this water tank can prevent the birth cycle of Malaria causing Mosquitos and thus preventing the spread of such diseases in humans in Urban locations.

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