December 12, 2019

List of Indian Fashion Designers

The Fashion Industry in India is a continuosly growing Industry as India has a rich and cultural textile heritage. The occurence of International Events has brought a revolutionary change in India’s Fashion Sector. Many Indian Beauties have conquered the hearts of all the people worldwide by winning some International Titles, which has in turn led to a change in the traditional and contemporary clothing style of Indians, thus making them more aware towards new trends and styles. Fashion in India is continuously evolving as new designers from leading institutes such as the National Institutes of Fashion Technology continue to redefine the meaning of Fashion in India. [… Next …]

Monisha Bajaj

Monisha Bajaj is India’s leading light in couture. A fashion designer who is focused in her design style Monisha is a synonym of under-played chic. One of the most versatile member of the couture industry in India; she has many a firsts to her credits. Including the decision to emerge from the confines of the Indian boundaries and find a place for her design internationally. The designer has gained a lot of admirations for being folklore and traditional in fabric and contemporary and classic in style. [… Next …]

Malini Ramani Indian Fashion Designer

Malini Ramani is a popular Indian Fashion Designer, known for her youthful and glamorous designs. Malini was born in New York, she came to India after studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising at F.I.T, New York. It was the time when a major transformation to a youthful India was about to take place, and she was a part of the revolution. She made her debut in India Fashion Week in the year 2000 with her trendy, provocative and sexy collection. [… Next …]

Shyamal and Bhumika Indian Fashion Designers

Designer couple Bhumika and Shyamal Shodhan started off at Lakme Fashion Week in November 2006. Bhumika’s passion for textiles and fashion led her to study fashion design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. A dream to create their own label led them to establish SHYAMAL & BHUMIKA. After setting up the label, Shyamal left for London to research fashion and thereafter researched Italian Design in Milan. The label known for its bridal couture and prêt collections retails at Shyamal & Bhumika Ahmedabad. [… Next …]

Mona Lamba & Pali Sachdev Indian Fashion Designers

Mona and Pali share a home and a cause: Designing. The duo gave in to an inner compulsion, a natural aesthetic urge to pursue a dream in design with total dedication and determination; thereby opting out of their respective professions. They were amongst the first few designers to hit the Indian catwalk nearly two decades ago, creating a niche for themselves. The designers started from home in 1985 at the behest of their friends, who persuaded them to design clothes, which they executed competently and successfully. In 1987, they flagged off their boutique ‘Monapali’ in Kolkata making their dream a reality. [… Next …]

Meera and Muzaffar Ali Indian Fashion Designers

Through a decade of detailing and upgrading craft of Lucknow and Kotwara, Meera & Muzaffar Ali have brought centuries’ old tradition back to life. Both Chikan and Zardozi today have become contemporary and the label of KOTWARA is internationally associated with the philosophy of clothes that integrates aesthetics and humanity, peace and harmony. The wearer of Kotwara, experiences an inner tranquillity as a contrast to a highly consumerist outlook. Living Sufism has been able to establish a hitherto unknown genre of clothing created amidst nature and music with love and sensitivity. [… Next …]

Hemant Trevedi Indian Fashion Designer

Hemant Trivedi is one of the brightest and leading versatile designers. He is a fashion stylist, choreographer, design professor and undoubtedly, one of India`s foremost and most important fashion designers. He graduated from the Australian Technical Institute of Fashion Design and furthered training at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. International labels have pursued him and yet he returned to India in early 1980 as one of the first professionally qualified fashion designers. [… Next …]

Ashima & Leena Singh Indian Fashion Designer

‘Ashima-Leena’ is a globally recognized brand dedicated to the design, craftsmanship and embellishment of its charming amalgamation of periodic trends and modern style. As one of the most recognized brands of the country they have successfully retailed all over the world. The eponymous designs are synonymous with high style and impeccable sensibility. The brand speaks of sheer Elegance and Panache and their Unique Flamboyant style is woven with Global Timelessness and Great Craftsmanship. Ashima and Leena craft beautiful drapes in different silhouettes, colors which are adored by the most stylish women all over the world. Their collection is simply alluring and glamorous. [… Next …]

Anuradha Vakil Indian Fashion Designer

Anuradha Vakil regarded as one of India ‘s most renowned revivalist of conventional Indian fabrics has furnished a Masters degree in Business Administration particularly in Michigan , USA . With a boundless knowledge and experience on integrated house Anuradha Vakil transferred in order to unify all her designs and thoughts and worked on upholding handcrafted textiles. Superficially dedicated with her work, she initiates contemporaneous fashion by using native expertise from among the chosen weavers. [… Next …]

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

Contemporary styles and the revival of bygone works of art molded neatly into modern fashion brocade. This is what Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are all about. The duo has made it to the fashion circuit with their sheer talent and inventive potentials of a designer. “The boys”, as the duo are famously known, have made ethnic apparels with a fresh flavor of trends that comes on year after year. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are among the few people who have made it big globally. The duo was the first to bring out its collection at Harrods. [… Next …]