December 12, 2019

List of Indian Fashion Designers

The Fashion Industry in India is a continuosly growing Industry as India has a rich and cultural textile heritage. The occurence of International Events has brought a revolutionary change in India’s Fashion Sector. Many Indian Beauties have conquered the hearts of all the people worldwide by winning some International Titles, which has in turn led to a change in the traditional and contemporary clothing style of Indians, thus making them more aware towards new trends and styles. Fashion in India is continuously evolving as new designers from leading institutes such as the National Institutes of Fashion Technology continue to redefine the meaning of Fashion in India. [… Next …]

Shantanu and Nikhil Indian Fashion Designers

Shantanu & Nikhil, is a label with an eye on the global young and trendy Indian garments market. The company is in business of manufacturing high quality Indian ethnic garments both for the Indian and the overseas market. Shantanu, did his MBA from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA and Nikhil, is a product of FIDM (Fashion Institute of Fashion & Merchandise) Los Angeles. They decided to pool in their entrepreneurial & designing skills in a business that was not new to the family. This led to the birth of Shantanu & Nikhil as a brand label in 1998. [… Next …]

Deepika Govind Indian Fashion Designer

The designer of India , who is famous for her contemporary designs, Deepika Govind. She has a sound sense of designing. Her designs and costumes are not only famous in India but around the globe. She has ability to produce unique designs. The beauty and the charm of the designs lie in the simplicity. Deepika Govind usually pays special attention to final touch of the design. Because if the final touch is not given to the design or if there is no proper end of design then charm of design will be lost. [… Next …]