January 25, 2021


Travelxp.com is a unique and comprehensive travel portal. The motive is to give a WOW experience to the travellers around the globe. TravelXP assists Customer to choose the best flight, best accommodation and the best place to holiday at. To serve to your visual senses, TravelXP has associated with travelxp TV, a High Definition travel channel. Customer gets to see unexplored terrains, exotic beaches, never sleeping cities, relaxed towns, all in the comfort of a living room. Customers get unimaginable information about travel and leisure, cuisine and drink, weather and climate of different countries.

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Travel Planning WebSites in India - travelxp.com

Information and News About Top 10 Travel Sites of India - travelxp.com

At travelxp.com, Customers get to choose from forty five thousand plus hotel properties. Internationally, this website is associated with Hilton, Le Meridian, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Radisson, Choice Hotels, Best Western and more. For travel within the country, Website offers choices to Customers like Casino group of hotels, Lalit Hotels, ITC Welcome Group, Oberoi Hotels, HRH Hotels. Website offers Customers Holiday packages customized to explore the most desired places on this beautiful earth. Internationally, this Website offers holiday packages to countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Dubai, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand and many.

Information and News About Top 10 Travel Sites of India - travelxp.com

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