Mobile-Bomb : Terror in Assam

Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in India

Mobile Bombs

Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in Assam

‘Bombile’ is the latest terror in Assam

Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in Assam

Guwahati, Sep 26 (IANS) ‘Bombile’ is the latest phrase terrorizing Assam with reports of mobile phones suddenly exploding, causing the user to become unconscious. The mysterious phenomenon has prompted Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi to order a scientific probe to unravel the bizarre occurrences.

An estimated 30 cases have been reported so far with more than 20 people admitted to various hospitals in Assam during the past one week. Most of the victims complained of nausea and a splitting headache, and some of them had to be literally wheeled into the hospital unconscious after the mobile handsets exploded soon after receiving a call.

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Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in Assam

‘This is a mysterious phenomenon and so I have asked for a thorough probe by experts to find out the cause as to why mobile handsets are bursting in such a large number,’ Gogoi told IANS.

According to witnesses and victims, the explosions took place soon after receiving calls from numbers that appeared in red on the handset screens.

‘I got a phone call from an unknown number and I noticed on my handset that the numbers were highlighted in red colour. Soon after I received the call, there was a loud sound and I was left unconscious,’ said Mujib Ali, the driver of a doctor in Guwahati.

Ali’s handset was blown to bits Saturday.

Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in Assam

‘The interesting thing is that some of the handsets that have burst are from genuine brands like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. Initially, it was presumed the cases were witnessed in cheap Chinese make handsets, but now even that theory was proved wrong,’ a police official said.

But the incidents are triggering panic among mobile users in Assam with ‘bombile’ being the word that is in vogue now.

‘Bombile is terrorizing people to the extent that some of them have literally switched off their handsets and waiting for things to subside or hear some scientific explanation about the cause,’ said Tonmoy Barkataki, a local journalist.

Please do not recieve any phone call if the number appears in Red Color or sparkling, This might be anothing Mobile Bomb Attaking you. Please Forward this to all you friends


Information about Mobile-Bombs Terror in Assam