November 21, 2019

Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in India, Famous Indian Cosmetic Brands, Taglines of Popular Cosmetic Companies in India, List of Best Cosmetic Brands of India

Taaj Cosmetics

The French design agency Id en Courbe under creative direction by Tommaso Nicolao has designed packaging for a natural cosmetic line Taaj. Taaj is a cosmetic aromatherapy line based on the ayurvedic science. Products in India and France. The identity embodies the vivid color of India and the natural elements, in a contemporary western design. Since 1999, Tommaso Nicolao has developed a creative collaboration with many different brands and retailers in the luxury and cosmetics industries. [… Next …]

Adore Beauty Cosmetics

Adore Beauty is Australia’s leading online shopping destination for beauty products and cosmetics. With over 110 cosmetics brands and 3000-plus beauty care products, there’s no better place to shop for your favourite beauty brands. Adore Beauty is the the brainchild of self-confessed “beauty junkie” Kate Morris. Kate Morris had the inspiration for Adore Beauty in 1999 at the age of 21. [… Next …]

FACES Cosmetics

FACES is a proven, successful cosmetics, skincare and aesthetic spa services franchise business with a unique distribution system since 1974. FACES currently operates in 7 countries with over 60 locations, they are Canada, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Ireland and India. FACES enables women of all ethnic backgrounds and skin types to find the perfect match for their unique needs. From skin care to foundations, from eye color to lipsticks. FACES offers products for both men and women. [… Next …]

Klapp Cosmetics

For over 26 years, Gerhard Klapp – anti-aging and beauty specialist, alternative practitioner, supporter of TCM, owner of KLAPP GROUP and acknowledged author – has been devoted to the research and development of effective anti-aging and beauty concepts for beauty maintenance. For the second time, the company has received the much sought-af ter BEAUTY FORUM AWARD granted for innovation, products and service. Cosmetic products are a matter of trust and the efficacy of cosmetic treatments determine success in the cosmetic studio. [… Next …]

Kryolan Proffesional Make-Up

For 66 years KRYOLAN Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe. KRYOLAN is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector. The headquarters with a surface of 5000 m² has been located in the Berlin Papierstrasse in the north of the city since 1971. Ever since its modest beginnings, this company site has been continuously improved and expanded. [… Next …]

Lissome Cosmetics

Lissome Cosmetics one of the leading manufacturers & Brand Owners of Colour Cosmetics, Toiletries, Skin Care and other personal care products. Lissome is committed to the business of making women more beautiful, not merely manufacturing cosmetics. Towards this end, Lissome has set up a modern plant with R&D and QC facilities to match international standards to ensure high quality products at an affordable price. Lissome offers a wide range of attractively packaged Lip & Nail colours, Face & Eye Make up and Skin Care, manufactured from ingredients free from animal origin and tested for purity and safety. [… Next …]

JAFRA Cosmetics

JAFRA began transforming the beauty sales environment in August 1956. The place was Malibu, California, then a small seaside community on the Pacific Ocean. A young couple, Jan and Frank (JA FRA ) Day, had studied beauty secrets reaching back to ancient Egypt. That was the beginning of JAFRA. Over time, a full line of innovative skin care products, cosmetics and fragrances were developed, dedicated to women looking and feeling their best. But JAFRA has always been about more than beautiful skin. [… Next …]

Asta Berry Cosmetics

Astaberry Biosciences (I) Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1950 and incorporated in 1979. In the span of 57 years, we have earned a high reputation for manufacturing a wide range of Ayurvedic Cosmetics and Medicinal products. The aim is to provide best quality organic cosmetics products to the customer at most affordable prices. Asta Berry wishes to make every customer feel important by giving best services and care. The company was formerly known as Murari Bros. (I) Pvt. Ltd. They have factories in multi locations in India. [… Next …]

Urban Shore Beauty Products

Urban Shore (London) is a multi cosmetic brand which keeps all premium and in-house specialists in Haircare, Skincare , Bodycare, Perfumery, Nailcare and other treatments in Cosmetics. In India, They have a flagship store in New Delhi. Sonita Dass is the founder of Urban Shore Cosmetics, and she has introduced a collection of carefully selected, high quality, effective beauty products from innovators around the world. It is a very famous brand amongst Indian ladies and is loved for its quality and a wide range of products. [… Next …]

Estee Lauder Cosmetics

Estée Lauder founded this company in 1946 armed with four products and an unshakeable belief: that every woman can be beautiful. Today, more than 60 years later, that simple notion has literally changed the face of the beauty business. Born Josephine Esther Mentzer, Estée Lauder was raised in Corona, Queens, by her Hungarian mother, Rose, and Czech father, Max. The name Estée was a variation on her family nickname, Esty. Always interested in beauty, she was mentored by her uncle, chemist John Schotz, and began her business by selling skin care products to beauty salons and hotels. [… Next …]

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown first arrived on the beauty scene in 1991 with the launch of Bobbi Brown Essentials, and changed the face of makeup with a handful of 10 brown-based lipstick shades created to fill a void in the market of simple, flattering and wearable makeup. Bobbi Brown (born April 14, 1957) is the founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Her products are sold in over 988 stores and 56 countries worldwide. Twenty years later, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global brand, having expanded beyond lipstick to a full range of color cosmetics, fragrance and skincare. [… Next …]

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay has grown to be a multibillion-dollar global cosmetics company with more than 1.7 million Independent Beauty Consultants in more than 30 markets worldwide. Yet it remains today what Mary Kay Ash first envisioned – a company with a heart. Find out how Mary Kay continues to make life more beautiful for women around the world. Mary Kay was created from one woman’s desire to enrich women’s lives. Mary Kay products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company’s global independent sales force exceeds 1.8 million. [… Next …]

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