January 19, 2020

Top 10 Billionaires of the World

Who doesnot Wants to be a Billionare!! There are 1,011 billionaires in the world this year. These titans control entire swaths of the global economy, from energy and steel to fashion and telecom.
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Top 10 Universities of The World

Times Higher Education (THE), a London magazine that tracks the higher education market, has released its seventh annual World University Rankings. THE measures schools according to 13 metrics, and it says its goal is to measure the three main missions of a university: teaching, research and knowledge transfer (for complete details on the methodology, click here). Here are the schools it found to be the best of all in the world. [… Next …]

Top 10 Foods which should be included in Diet

People should avoid taking their cues from the USDA’s food pyramid, which he dismisses as the product of interest-group politics. Instead we should favors a Mediterranean-style diet rich with fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, and olive and nut oils, focusing on the following 10 foods in particular. [… Next …]

10 Foods to Keep You Young

The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every Age. He claims that diet can affect the way genes work and prolong health. Read on for his list of 10 foods that will keep you looking and feeling young. [… Next …]

Top 10 Must Try Foods of the World

You can’t really call it traveling if you’re in a new country and you head directly to an American chain for a meal. When in Rome (or Buenos Aires or Beirut), enjoy some of the most exotic dishes as you jet-set. Just don’t forget your nerve!
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Top 10 Fast Foods of The World

Sales trends at fast food chains are improving, and the trend is likely to continue. With winter weather seemingly done for the season Americans are beginning to emerge from hibernation. That awakening is good news for quick service restaurants where sales have begun to show sequential growth in March, a trend that is likely to continue.
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