April 20, 2019

Christian Wedding

Christians are a part of the contemporary Indian culture. Christian Weddings are simple, sober yet very beautiful. One of the most important rituals of the Christian marriages is “Bridal Shower”, it is a party hosted by the bride’s female friends to celebrate the occassion with music, dance, gifts, fun and a pink cake. Next is a “Stag Party” in which the groom is expected to enjoy his last party as a bachelor, it is a wild party full of fun, enjoyment and drinks. [… Next …]

Malayalee Wedding

Malayalee Weddings refer to the weddings taking place in Kerala. Malayalee Weddings are simple and not much religious. The Weddings have a spiritual bend rather. The various rituals performed in a Malayalee Wedding are “Muhurtham”, “Nischayam”, “Traditional Feast”, “Madhuparkam”, “Kanyadannam”, “Grihapravesh”. Malayalee Weddings are short and simple. The couple goes around the sacred fire thrice after which the groom places a yellow thread around the bride’s neck. [… Next …]

Arya Samaj Wedding

Arya Samaj Weddings are not very elaborate, they are short and convenient specially for those who do not want a wedding to be a time taking affair. Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswathi, the weddings are conducted by Arya Samaj in any of the Arya Samaj Temples. Non Hindus can also go through the wedding process once been through Shuddhi, i.e. Purification. Arya Samaj does not believe in worshipping any idol, so the ceremony is conducted with fire and other elements. [… Next …]

Kannada Wedding

Kannada Weddings refer to weddings in Karnataka. They are not very glittering and lavish, rather are simple and the rituals slightly vary in various communities. But the pre and post wedding rituals in a Kannada wedding make the entire family come together and have a good time. The pre wedding rituals include Nandi, Nischay Tamulam, Havan, and Kaashi Yatre. The engagement ceremony is called “Nischay Tamulam”, where the bride is gifted with a few things. [… Next …]

Hindu Wedding

Hindu Weddings depict the perfect union of two compatible persons. All the Hindu Wedding ceremonies are mostly conducted by enchanting Shlokas and Mantras in Sanskrit. All the holy ceremonies involve coming together of two families. Marriage is a very important Sanskara in Hinduism and most of the weddings are a lavish affair which lasts for a few days. The most important ceremonies in a Hindu Wedding are “Sangeet”, “Haldi”, “Jaimal”, “Saptapadi” and “Vidaai”. [… Next …]

Oriya Wedding

Oriya Weddings are the ones associated with the state of Orissa. Oriya marriages are simple and mostly follow the traditional Hindu marriage rituals. One of the most interesting facts about an Oriya Wedding is that the groom’s mother does not take part in the wedding. The first wedding ritual is “Jayee Anukolo”, which involves distribution of invitation cards, then turmeric paste is apllied to both bride and the groom. [… Next …]

Kashmiri Wedding

Kashmiri Weddings are as beautiful as the snowy Kashmiri valleys. The Kashmiri Weddings have their own charm and beauty. The first ritual of a Kashmiri Wedding is the “Vanna” or engagement ceremony. The elders of both the families meet in a temple and exchange flowers to formalize the wedding alliance. Next is the Livun ritual, wherein the entire houses of both the bride and groom are cleaned. Just few days before the marriage, the Wanwun ritual is held, which is the musical session held at the house of the boy and the girl. [… Next …]

Telugu Wedding

Telugu people belong to Andhra Pradesh, India. The Telugu wedding ceremonies last for around 5 days. Telugus believe that marriage is not between two people, but between two families. Just as any Hindu Wedding, in Telugu Weddings, the guests shower their blessings on the couple, and then are served with delicious food. Telugu weddings are a reflection of the warm hearts of the people of Andhra Pradesh. The decorations mostly consist of flowers and mango leaves in rich colors. [… Next …]

Punjabi Wedding

A Punjabi Wedding reflects the large hearted Punjabi culture. Punjabis are very fun loving and enthusiastic people. The Weddings are full of dance and colors. There are many rituals in a Punjabi Wedding namely, Takha, Shagun, Dholki Sangeet, Mehendi, Vatna, Sarbala, Sehrabandi, Varna, Milni, Jaimala, Kanyadaan, Lavan and others. Punjabis are popular for their traditional dance “Bhangra”, which makes their weddings more enjoyable. [… Next …]

Gujarati Wedding

A Gujarati Wedding is usually very vibrant and live. Gujarati people love celebrations and dance. A typical Gujarati marriage begins with the Engagement “Sagai”. Sagai marks the formal approval of the marriage by both the families and is followed by various other interesting traditional customs. Other ceremonies performed before the wedding are Pithi, Mehndi and Mandap Muharat. A Grihshanti Puja is also performed for the peace and wellbeing in home. [… Next …]

Maharashtrian Wedding

A Maharashtrian Wedding usually takes place in the morning. As the marriage is fixed, both the families exchange a packet of sugar, which is called the “Sakhar Puda”, and this is basically the engagement. Then the “Haldi” ceremony takes place, in which turmeric paste is applied to both bride and the groom (separately), as turmeric is considered to be a very sacred thing. As the groom arrives at the venue of marriage with his family, a ceremony called “Seeman Poojan” or “Shreemanti”, in which the parents of the bride wash the groom’s feet and shower him with gifts. [… Next …]