November 15, 2019

Stephany DSouza Indian Fashion Designer

Stephany DSouza is a talented upcming Indian Fashion Designer. The label Stephany started in 2011 speaks of fun, ease and quirk.. its for people who are not afraid to try a little creativity in their wardrobe. The inspiration always comes from the fabrics the texture the fall the feel, this is what is the guiding element while designing. [… Next …]

Sneha S Saha Indian Fashion Designer

Sneha S Saha is an upcoming Indian Fashion Designer. Sneha is a graduate from Nift Kolkata and her initiative behind SIYAHI stems from her ardent interest in travel and world tradition and culture. SIYAHI means “ink”(indigo), the rare natural dye that stained the various traditional, cultural, historical and economic aspects of our lives. [… Next …]

Shubham Kumar Indian Fashion Designer

Designer Shubham Kumar, a final year student at INIFD, Chandigarh brings out the collection ‘India Lives Here’ by creating the original & raw feel of the villagers and the aroma of their hard work! The Inspiration for collection ‘India Lives Here’ is derived from the true sense of traditions that flows in the Indian villages, the fascinating working styles of the villagers, the mystic charm and the cultural diversities of the village life in India. [… Next …]

Ragini Ahuja Indian Fashion Designer

Ragini Ahuja, an upcoming Indian Fashion Designer, a fine illustrator on graduating from NIFT, New Delhi embarked upon adorning boxy canvas like silhouettes with her edgy illustrations and animated details. Conceptualized with the idea of creating wearable clothing in line with the current trends, Ragini found Ikai, catering to the fearless & contemporary! [… Next …]

Karishma Jamwal Indian Fashion Designer

Karishma Jamval is an upcoming Indian Fashion Designer. Lotus Sutr, her design label, fulfills her passion for art through fabric. It is a conduit for manifesting her myriad thoughts. The collection, titled ‘And I still haven’t found’, derives its inspiration from the rawness and unfinished nature of an artists canvas. The complexity of an artist’s mind is expressed through the incompleteness in the prints, which are blended with the kitsch silhouettes which completes her look. [… Next …]

Debashri Samanta Indian Fashion Designer

Debashri Samanta, graduated from NIFT, Mumbai, winning the Most Commercial Designer Award from Pantaloons Retail India Ltd. The eponymous label, launched in Sep 2011 believes fashion is about being curious! She engages weavers around West Bengal to create fabrics for designing modern silhouettes with a hint of rustic sensibility. [… Next …]

Top 10 Indian Fashion Designers

Fashion is a huge industry in India. With globalisation Indian Fashion has got a wider platform to display their talents and introduce the ‘Sari’ to the world. India was always known as a country of jungles, snakes and poverty. But this has changed over the last decade… [… Next …]

J.J. Valaya

JJ Valaya is some times referred to as the ‘Monarch of Indian Fashion’. His splendid collection of hand embroideries and exquisite bridal trousseau are a rage in the fashion world globally. His effort to create timeless attires, with dollops of contemporary classicism clinging onto it, has a fresh look and looks distinct from all the other designer wears. [… Next …]

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal is a fashion designer from New Delhi, India. He designs for men and women, and has bridal and evening collections in addition to day-wear and ready-to-wear. Rohit started his career…. [… Next …]

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri is a New Delhi based International fashion designer. She is the first Asian designer to head the French fashion brand, Scherrer. Ritu Beri studied fashion arts at the NIFT, New Delhi. She is the only Indian designer to be featured in promostyl’s magazine Acustyl, which forecasts fashion trends…… [… Next …]

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is an Indian fashion designer, based in Delhi.Ritu Kumar has been designing the wardrobes comprising swimwear, eveningwear, traditional Indian wear, casual wear, formal evening gowns; of the three winning Miss Indias…. [… Next …]