July 12, 2020


RozgarDuniya.com is a joint initiative of ITC eChoupal and MonsterIndia.com. The project is inspired by the phenomenal growth in employment in the non farming enterprise segment in rural India in recent times. It aims at providing a job portal for job seekers of rural India where they can find relevant jobs in their own geographies and recruiters interested in recruiting special in rural areas can find the right resources. The Website is unique and first of its kind in India. It gives important and useful career infomation for future. It will have a brick and mortar presence spread over 9 states and about 40000 villages through eChoupals run by ITC Limited and powered by technology and experience of building and running job portals from MonsterIndia.com.

Free Information and News about Job Sites in India - RozgarDuniya.com
Employement sites - RozgarDuniya.com

Information about Job Sites in India - RozgarDuniya.com

RozgarDuniya.com website provides material for aspiring candidates and easy searcheability such as Search Hot Jobs by Category, Jobs in India,Search Job By Skill, Submit Resume, Placement Corner, Tutorials, Interview Questions and Answers, Employers and Job Consultant. And also Software Jobs, Technical Jobs, Govt Jobs, Defence Jobs, and also IT Companies Papers, Technical Resources, College names, Company Names, Training Institutes, Consultancy names.

Information about Job Sites in India - RozgarDuniya.com

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